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M2i consulting provides high quality management expertise in the projects it undertakes. Their in-depth domain knowledge of microfinance enables them to provide excellent advisory and training services. My experience of engaging with them at MISFA in Afghanistan was very fruitful.

Amitabh Brar, Grassroots Capital Management

M2i is a performance-driven organization being run by a smart team of professionals. The team has deep technical as well as operational knowledge on microfinance. The output produced by M2i for Access on various research and training assignments have been highly insightful. Their trainings are technically sound and the delivery is innovative. Access is also happy to have them as one of the Partners for Microfinance India Summit, one of the biggest microfinance events globally.”

Vipin Sharma, CEO Access

Participating in the training; “MFI Valuations and Investments”, organized by M2i Trainings in New Delhi, India on September 2009 was really a very useful experience, based on the fact that I learned by such techniques as case-studies, exercises, role plays and presentations assimilating many concepts of microfinance in monitoring and evaluation. I and other participants were encouraged to learn from each other, exchanging their own skills and experience.

Sharing experience and knowledge with instructors with an extensive experience in microfinance, banking and market research was really interesting. The teacher’s background seems to be very compatible with what I really needed to be trained in the field of microfinance. I think this knowledge and skills that I learned taking part in this course were very practicable and will be very useful in my everyday job, in evaluating and monitoring of impact of microfinance, mainly microcredit.

Forcim Kola, Lecturer in Marketing, Universiteti Marin Barleti, Tirana

My impression of attending the MFIs Valuation and Investment Training course conducted by M2i is that the course is very useful for the future use in the context of Assets Valuation and Investment Appraisal and the facilitator is quite clear with the subject that they conducted. Through the knowledge I have gained from this course, I will able to apply it into my work. Eventually, I can help the CREDIT’s shareholders to maximize their wealth. I am very happy with what I have learnt with M2i and hope to join another training course again.

Him Vibhol, Finance Manager, Credit Microfinance Institution

I had the opportunity to attend the training on “Financial Analysis of MFIs” conducted by m2i trainings. The content was apt and the facilitators’ concept of the subject was good. The training methodology was quite engaging and I could learn more by calculating the figures on my own, which enhanced my ability to analyse the financial statement of MFIs. The training was very helpful with respect to my work as my understating of the financial status of the MFIs had improved significantly.

Ankita Sriram, Project Officer, GIZ

For someone completely new to the business of Microfinance , M2i’s Training modules will be part of any comprehensive induction programme. The materials and exercises are easy to understand and thus, form an essential quick reference guide for even practitioners.

Kirti Rao, IFMR Capital

The training had broad participation from various stakeholders ranging from Microfinance Institutions, researchers, auditors and enablers. The participation came from Semam Microfinance Investment Literacy & Empowerment Ltd, Village Welfare Society, ICICI Knowledge Park, Growing Opportunity Finance (INDIA) Pvt. Ltd, Citicorp Finance India Ltd and internal teams at IFMR. 95% of the participants found the content extremely useful in their area of work. The concepts were presented in simplified form making it easy to understand. As one of the participants puts it - “A very useful programme for people working at an operational/senior management level in MFI”

Center for Insurance and Risk Management, IFMR

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